Little Sparks

Welcome to Holy Spirit Pre-Kindergarten!

Holy Spirit School offers a child-centered program where growing and learning are encouraged in a Catholic community. We seek to develop a love of Jesus and knowledge of his presence in the lives of our children. Our students are introduced to a wide variety of learning activities on a daily basis including outdoor play, science, pleasure reading, make- believe, art, music, math manipulatives, blocks and sand/water play.

Pre-Kindergarten children are naturally curious about the would around them. They are eager to see, listen, touch, smell, and taste things they encounter. At the same time they are developing skills for effective communication and learning to work with other children.

Mathematics learning challenges the children to explore ideas about patterns and relationships, order and predictability, logic and meaning. Instruction encourages children’s thinking and nurtures children’s exploration and ideas. These include concepts of number, pattern, measurement, shape, space, and classification.

Becoming a successful reader is dependent upon a child’s experience and knowledge in listening, speaking, reading and writing. These experiences are encouraged and provided daily.

  • For admission consideration, children must be 4 by September 30th of the given school year
  • All children must be completely potty trained for enrollment.


Half Day
8:00 AM -11:20 AM (Monday -Friday)


Full Day
8:00 AM -3:15 PM (Monday-Friday)

Optional Morning Care
7:00-7:40 AM

Optional Extended Care
From the time of dismissal until 6:00 PM

Sample Schedule:

8:00- 8:30 AM Arrival and free play
8:30-9:00 AM Circle time- calendar, weather, star of the week
9:00-9:30 AM Theme development through reading, language arts
9:30- 10:00 AM Free play in centers such as housekeeping, blocks, cars and trucks, puzzles
10:00-10:30 AM Snack (parent provided)
10:30-11:00 AM Outdoor play
11:20 AM Half day students go home
12:00-12:30 PM Lunch for full day students
12:30-12:45 PM Story time
12:45-1:45 PM Rest time
1:45-2:15 PM Outdoor Play
2:15- 3:00 PM Project time- cooking, science, and art
In addition to the above schedule the students will have music and library once a week.

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