The mission of Holy Spirit Catholic School’s Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is to inspire minds and ignite hearts through partnerships with families, teachers, staff, administrators and community organizations. The PTO will accomplish its purpose through committee initiatives and fundraising while striving to make PTO rewarding and fostering a sense of inclusion and community at Holy Spirit Catholic School.

2023/2024 Executive Board

Contact information for the Excuctive Board may be found in the PTO section of the school’s weekly newsletter.

PSSC – Volunteer

Beginning with the 2008-2009 School Year, the Parent School Service Commitment (PSSC) program was instituted at Holy Spirit Catholic School. Under this program, 20 volunteer hours per family or 10 hours per single parent family are required each year. In addition to these hours, each family will be required to work 2 hours of recess duty. Recess duty is a additional requirement from the 20 or 10 volunteer hours and should not be submitted to the volunteer hour coordinators.

For more details on this requirement, please click on the link below to read the PSSC Handbook.

PSSC Handbook 2023 2024

Recess Duty Policy 2023 2024


Starting in the 2022-23 School Year, Holy Spirit adopted a web-based application, Connect1, to manage all aspects of the PSSC program. All PSSC-eligible volunteer and donation opportunities will be posted on the app, and all PSSC hours planned and completed will be visible and reported through it.  Every guardian must have a Connect1 account; this is also being used to track Child Protection compliance. To ensure accurate PSSC reporting, the first registering parent needs to invite any other parent or volunteering family member into that family’s grouping inside of the app. The school regularly updates all registered parents’ Child Protection status. It is not possible to successfully register for a service activity within the app which requires Child Protection training completion unless the Virtus class has been taken and the background check information submitted has been completed by the individual, shared with the school, and updated by the school inside of the app.

For registration instructions, questions, or requests for training on Connect1, please contact the PSSC Coordinator.  More information and training can be found here: If you are having problems please contact Tom Fields at

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