Inspiring Minds

“The mission of the Catholic school is the integral formation of students, so that they may be true to their condition as Christ’s disciples and as such work effectively for the evangelization of culture and for the common good of society.” – Address of the Holy Father Pope John Paul II to the Bishops of the Ecclesiastical Regions of Chicago, Indianapolis, and Milwaukee (USA) on Their “Ad Limina” Visit, May 30, 1990

Holy Spirit School is dedicated to offering a Catholic Education from Pre-Kindergarten through Eighth Grade to students and families who desire one. Daily, we are Inspiring Minds as our students grow and develop their God given potential both spiritually and academically.

We strive for academic excellence across all grade levels; provide advanced learning opportunities and rigorous curriculum experiences for students; and implement structures and accommodations to ensure equitable access to the curriculum for all types of learners. Holy Spirit School is dedicated to Inspiring Minds of the future leaders of our Church, our government, our industries, our academic institutions as we teach students to evangelize our Faith and seek and find the good in today’s world.

Holy Spirit School operates under the auspices of the Office of Catholic Schools for the Diocese of Arlington. For more detailed information, click here to view the Curriculum Guidelines for the Diocese of Arlington.

As a part of the Diocese of Arlington, Holy Spirit School administers the NWEA Map Growth assessment to students in grades 3-7 throughout the academic year. NWEA Map is a computer-adaptive diagnostic testing solution which provides educators with instant test results, personalized to each student, that help to ensure correct overall student placement.  Administered over time, these tests provide a longitudinal view of student growth in core curriculum areas (English, Language Arts and Mathematics).

Little Sparks Pre-Kindergarten Program

The “Little Sparks” Pre-Kindergarten program includes both a full-day and half-day option with dedicated classroom and outdoor play spaces.

Holy Spirit School offers a child-centered program where growing and learning are encouraged in a Catholic community. We seek to develop a love of Jesus and knowledge of His presence in the lives of our children. Our students are introduced to a wide variety of learning activities on a daily basis including religion, language arts, mathematics, handwriting, science, social studies, outdoor play, pleasure reading, make-believe, art and music.

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Middle School 6-8th Grades

The Middle School program operates as a distinct entity within the greater school community, providing  academic excellence and preparation for entry into high school while fostering a sense of camaraderie between students and teachers through the Middle School House System.

In addition to following the Diocese of Arlington guidelines for curriculum, students have advanced mathematics opportunities, participate in an elective program, take Spanish classes, are part of a House System and have a plethora of extra and co-curricular activities in which they may be involved.

The cornerstones of the Middle School program are to teach students time management, and organizational and study skills while promoting and growing their ability to self advocate.

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Resource Program and Expanded Services

Holy Spirit School’s Resource program yearly adapts to meet the ever changing needs of our students and those in the Diocese. We offer an inclusive, faith-filled environment for students with intellectual disabilities and significant learning needs. We are fortunate to have experienced and licensed special education teachers to provide resource services to all of our students who require learning support.** The team is supported by paraeducators. The Resource Teachers provide individual and small group instruction in the Resource Room, as well as provide push-in support to students in the classroom. Our Resource Teachers also work to assist teachers, providing them tools and techniques to use within their own classrooms.

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** Holy Spirit’s Resource program offers Student Assistance Plans (SAP) and Individualized Catholic Education Plans (ICEP). Student Assistance Plans are for students who need classroom and/or testing accommodations in order to successfully access the entire curriculum. Individualized Catholic Education Plans are implemented for students requiring modified curriculums in order to reach their academic potential. Holy Spirit School is financially supported in its inclusive education efforts by The International Order of Alhambra and Porto Caravan #104.

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