What is Child Protection Compliance?

In order to volunteer with youth in the Diocese of Arlington, one must comply with the requirements of the Child Protection Policy. It is all about being proactive in the quest to keep our children safe from sexual predators.

Who needs to be Child Protection Compliant?

YOU do!

If you wish to:

  • visit in the classroom for any reason
  • help with the roller skating program
  • chaperon a field trip
  • spend any time in the school building during school hours, you must be fully compliant.

(Playground duty may be done without being fully compliant as it is in an open area.)

Anyone with the potential of being in physical contact with our children, whether planned or inadvertent, must be fully compliant with the Child Protection Policy of the Diocese of Arlington.

What does it take to be FULLY COMPLIANT?

  1. You must complete and submit a Background Check Packet to the parish Child Protection Coordinator (Mrs. Lambie Renner); the paperwork packet is available in the school office
  2. You must attend a Virtus seminar entitled “Protecting God’s Children for Adults” – you may find a seminar and register by CLICKING HERE

How long does all of it take?

Once your paperwork is submitted to the parish coordinator, it is sent to the Diocese where the documents are logged and sent on to the various government agencies. It can take up to six weeks or more before your name appears on the compliance database.

Virtus seminars are available all over the diocese and should be attended as soon as possible. The office diocesan policy says you may not volunteer until your name shows on the database as fully compliant.

Don’t wait to get this done or you may be disappointed. You may miss the class party or the field trip you did not even know you wanted to attend!

It is the goal of Holy Spirit School to have at least one parent from each student family fully compliant – please help us make this happen!

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