The Resource Center and Expanded Resource Program

Holy Spirit School is dedicated to offering a Catholic education to students and families who desire one. It is our mission to inspire the minds and ignite the hearts of all our students as they grow and develop their God given potential both spiritually and academically. To this end, the school community has diligently worked to expand our already robust Resource program to meet the ever changing needs of our students and those in the Diocese.

We offer an inclusive faith-filled environment for students with intellectual disabilities and significant learning needs. We are fortunate to have experienced and licensed special education teachers along with a licensed reading specialist to provide resource services to all of our students who require learning support. The team is supported by para-educators. The resource teachers provide individual and small group instruction as well as support in the general education classroom.

Holy Spirit’s resource program offers Student Assistance Plans (SAP) and Individualized Catholic Education Plans (ICEP). Student Assistance Plans are for students who need classroom and/or testing accommodations in order to successfully access the entire curriculum. Individualized Catholic Education Plans are implemented for students requiring modified curriculums in order to reach their academic potential.

Holy Spirit School is financially supported in its inclusive education efforts by The International Order of Alhambra and Porto Caravan #104.



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