Outdoor Classroom

“Open Spaces into Learning Places” is a Holy Spirit School project creating two outdoor classroom spaces that promote and encourage integrative educational modalities. Construction began in the Summer of 2020.

This project is a reflection of the innovation and uniqueness of our Holy Spirit Community. It was dreamed up by the Administration, designed by one of our Middle School teachers, funded by the Parent-Teacher Organization, high school students participated in a summer Work Camp, members of the Holy Spirit Parish Men’s Club assisted in the first construction stages, and subsequent stages have been completed by members of the Holy Spirit Boy Scout Troop 50 as a part of an Eagle Scout Project.

Many hands make for light work!

The plans include multiple seating areas, butterfly garden, greenhouse, insect traps and garden plots all set to allow for a multitude of cross-curricular experiences for students across all grade levels.

All features and project areas are developed with the available landscaping and learning objectives in mind. With each successive season, the outdoor classroom will provide continued learning opportunities for the entire Holy Spirit community.

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